Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review of "Terminator: Salvation"

Last night I went into that den of iniquity that is the movie theatre. I went to see "Terminator: Salvation" and was not dissappointed at all. Terminator III sucked and I'm not sure how it ties in with the most recent movie. In talking with the brother of the Simpson's comic-book guy, apparently the television series takes place after T2 and retcons right past 'The Rise of the machines' into 'Salvation'.

At any rate, the movie was certainly better than the third installment which, in case I forgot to mention, sucked. The new one tied in nicely with the first one as well. There was even a trailor truck/road flare scene remeniscent of the first installment. And when John Conner was asked what his men should be told when they find out he is gone to sky net, he replied, "I'll be back." If only he would have said, "hasta la vista, baby" as he was about to blow it up. Oh well, there is always Terminator 5: It Really Really Is the Final Day of Reconning and There Will Be No More Time Travel to Take Out John Conner's Third Cousin Twice Removed From the Past Or Future" for that gem.

But seriously, the movie was awsome. Lots of action. Good fx. The signature techno drum-beat as a nerkid Ahnold, from the late seventies of the future, steps out of the steam (if you have kiddies, or eyes, there is no need to worry as 'Mr. Universe' is covered in steam and shadow). And a very interesting plot.

For starters, the model of the terminator from the first movie to the second was incredible. From the second to the third-well let's not go there. But for the new movie, a quantum leap was made forward. There was a unique prototype, which may or may not be mass produced in the next movie.

Second of all, such phrases as'judgement day' and salvation' cannot help but bring with them religious connotations. And here is where the real merit of the film comes for me.

We are not bound by past mistakes and present circumstances but have libertarian freedom. Such a concept is essential to at least some branches of Christianity. And we can choose the right over the wrong even when authorities illigitamtely command us to do otherwise.

And we are given a second chance with God. At first, we rebelled against Him. But we all have the oppurtunity to repent and obtain salvation (the subt-title of the film). This theme of second chances, founded upon libertarian freedom, permeates the movie. One of the main characters is, in a sci-fi kinda way, born again. Also, one of the main characters sacrifices his life for his friend, which Jesus said was the greatest love, and, one may say, indirectly for the whole world. But delivering up one's life for the salvation of the world is the gospel itself.

I never tire of finding the Good News hidden in fictional stories, particularly sci-fi or fantasy. In fact, all stories, fictional or otherwise, it seems to me, are an echo of the one story. The cardinal point in all of history was the cross of Christ which split the calender in two. But I hope to do a separate post on this theme so I'll leave it aside for now.

FYI, towards the end of the picture there was a scene very reminiscent of the video game Contra. There were rumors floating around back in the day that Stallone and Ahnold were going to star in a Contra movie. Was the helicopter scence in 'Salvation' a sign of things to come? Like Nick Fury after the credits of "Iron Man" (not to mention the cap's sheild on Tony Stark's work bench)? Probably just a coincidence, in the case of 'Terminator: Salvation', but we can always dream.

At any rate, the movie was just plain good. Definetly better than the third. Probably better than the second. And possibly better than the first. I whole-heartedly recommend it to you all. Now I'm going to have to check out the television show. Don't ya just love robots?

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