Thursday, January 1, 2009

God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness

Another year is through. A new year has just begun. And even in these post-post-modern days we live in, all the way into 2009, God has not left Himself without witness. We have just celebrated the birthday of God the Son. Isn't it amazing that 2000 plus years after the fact, even atheists celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ?

I am both perplexed and upset by the fact that people are trying to take Christ out of Christmas. I was into a snowmobile store on Christmas Eve day and the clerk wished me a merry Christmas. I was so ecstatic. If I hear "happy holidays" one more time in my life I am going to puke. I guess they don't want to offend anybody, besides Christians of course, and so when everyone is especially cheerful and good willing, celebrating the birth of Jesus, they aren't allowed to actually mention Him.

So then, much to the consternation of both myself and Stan Smith, Christmas is not as Christ-centered as it perhaps used to be. Still, as I said above, God has not left Himself without witness. Where does the goodwill and good cheer and peace on Earth and so on ultimately derive if not Jesus of Nazareth? I can think of no other place. I believe in total depravity, after all. Since Jesus has made such a difference, even in the lives of atheists, He must have really existed.

Speaking of Christmas, do you like Christmas music? I know, I know, a lot of people don't like it because "you can only listen to it at a certain time each year." Aside from that being irrelevant and false, I myself do enjoy it quite a bit. A while ago, I got hold of a Twisted Sister album of traditional carols, of all things. Not a bad album. More punk than hair metal, the album has, alas, only one religious carol. Still, coming from Twisted Sister, that is rather impressive. After all, Twisted Sister is said to be a Satanic band which glorifies rebellion and disrespect against parents. Apparently they're not going to take the secularization of Christmas either. "O come all ye faithful! Joyful and triumphant! Come ye oh come ye to Bethlehem! Come let us adore Him! Come let us adore Him! Come let us adore Him! Christ the Lord!" Dee Snider screams as the guitarist plays the same three power chords-apparently the only ones he learned-over and over.

And who could forget good ol' Charlie Brown? As a child growing up, almost all of my religious instruction was limited to Pig Pen (or whomever it was) explaining the true meaning of Christmas to Charlie Brown. By the way, the album of that cartoon is a pretty good Christmas album too. Smooth jazz.

The beginning of the new year, the rebirth that is Springtime, the metamorphosies of butterflies, natural theology, and blogs of apologists all witness to the existence and bigness of God. God has not left Himself without witness!

Peace on Earth.
Good will to men.

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Kozz said...

I find it amazingly pompous for you to be offended by happy holidays. Whether you like it or not Christmas has become more than simply a Christian holiday. It has become a holiday enjoyed by believers and non believers alike. More a cultural tradition rather than a religious holiday to many. I personally don't have a problem with being told merry Christmas or calling a tree a Christmas tree, but what I do have a problem with is all the screaming and yelling from Christians when someone suggests that we call the white house Christmas tree a holiday tree or some other name simply to include those not comfortable with any one religion being endorsed by our government. How does this offend you in any way unless it is your opinion that Christianity somehow has the right to represent every single person that lives in the country, regardless whether they like it or not. This is the thinking that gets every overly religious society in trouble.

You have every right to celebrate Christmas how you want to, and people in this country who are not Christian have every right to tell their government they would prefer a celebration more concerned with everyone rather than just Christians. Get over it.

Don't forget also Christmas is also part of the celebration of a new year, and in fact it's date is very close to the Winter solstice and is the same day as two pagan festivals worshiping Sun gods. This in fact is why that date was chosen. So when it comes right down to it the holiday is pagan in the first place so...

Happy Holidays!!!

hope you had the barf bag handy.