Sunday, December 7, 2008

Steve's and Rob's American Testament

I have recently been writing some comments in response to posts on the Mormon blog

That blog is an Mormon apologetics blog run by Steve Smoot and Rob Watson. They are Mormon apologists and the purpose of their joint blog is to defend the Book of Mormon. Sometimes one, or both, shall respond to my friendly criticisms and sometimes not.

I think that overall, the case against the Book of Mormon (and more precisely, against current Mormon doctrine in general) vastly far outweighs the case in favor. In my dialogue with the two gentlemen, Smoot and Watson, I believe this has shown itself true. In particular, much of their defence is manifestly ad hoc and so, according to Occam, should be shaved away. Once that is done, the original critique is made even stronger by what the opponents say against it.

I certainly welcome Steve Smoot and Rob Watson to comment on this post and give their own perspective of the discussion which has been taking place between us and their thoughts on this post here at this blog. I also encourage all of you to check out their own blog.

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Steve Smoot said...

Hey Evangelical!

How are things going for you? Good, I hope.

I have a burning curiosity as to what arguments of mine you think are "ad hoc". What arguments of mine do you think are ad hoc?

Best wishes,

Steve Smoot